Designed for Fun follows all safety and compliance guidelines established by the following organizations.

CPSC: United States Consumer Product Safety Commission
Handbook for Public Playground Safety
Current revision - 1997
A copy is available upon request by writing to:
CPSC/Washington, DC 20207

ASTM: American Society for Testing and Materials
Standard Consumer Safety Performance Specification for Playground Equipment for Public Use
Current revision:

  • F1487 - 05 (Playground Equipment for Public Use)
  • F1292 (Resilient Surfacing)
  • F1951 (Accessible Surfacing)

A copy of available upon request by writing to:
ASTM/100 Barr Harbor Drive/West Conshohocken, PA 19428

ADA: Americans with Disabilities Act
U.S. Department of Justice/Civil Rights Division/Disability Rights Section/P.O. Box 66738/Washington, DC 20035

ATBCB: Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board
Office of Technical and Information Services/Architectural Transportation Barriers Compliance Board
1331 F Street/NW Suite 1000/Washington, DC 20004

ADAAG: Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines

IPEMA: International Playground Equipment Manufacturer’s Assoc.

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