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Wood Fiber Automatically Unloaded from "Walking Floor" Trucks Wood Fiber in Place at Teddy's Playground, Rumson, NJ


  • Lowest initial cost
  • Considered handicap accessible once compacted
  • Subbase preparation required, but not critical
  • Easy installation, can be done by volunteers


  • Decomposes over time and must be “topped off” or replaced periodically to maintain required depth of surfacing
  • Considered loose fill; must be raked back into position at high wear areas
  • It’s made of wood, so it floats if there is improper drainage
  • Absorbs moisture and freezes in cold weather climates

Critical Fall Height

  • 8 inch thick compacted layer rated for an 8 foot fall height
  • 12 inch thick compacted layer rated for a 12 foot fall height, both with 3 inch gravel drainage layer below

Contact us to request a brochure, more information, or to provide a quotation for engineered wood fiber for your play area.


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