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Poured-in-Place Resilient Rubber Surfacing

We recommend and use poured-in-place surfacing as provide by SafeGuard Surfacing Corp.

Custom Graphics Available - “Cowhide” Print shown here

New Play Area Complete with Free Flowing Trike Track

Poured-in-Place resilient rubber surfacing is ideal for playgrounds, golf cart paths, jogging paths and tracks, pedestrian bridges, putting greens, gym floors, theme restaurants, pool decks, spray pools, theme water parks, government and corporate child care centers, and other slip-resistance specialty flooring applications.

The poured-in-place resilient rubber surfacing consists of a special blend of EPDM rubber granules and polyurethane binder mixed on site and poured in place so it can be molded into a wide range of shapes and thickness.

This system can accommodate varying equipment heights by increasing the thickness of the rubber layer.

The seamless and porous surface allows for customized free-form designs while meeting safety standards and special architectural and aesthetic requirements.


  • Very attractive, clean, smooth and safe play surface for all ages
  • Handicap accessible
  • Available for use shortly after a rain storm: water drains right through
  • Material is inorganic so it does not rot, decay, or breakdown over time
  • Requires minimum maintenance over the life of the product
  • Available in a variety of colors, including custom graphics
  • 5 year warranty available


  • Highest initial cost
  • 9-12 times more expensive than engineered wood fiber
  • Subbase preparation required and is extremely critical to long term durability
  • Must be installed only by experienced, factory approved installers

Critical Fall Height
Varies depending on the thickness of the rubber layer.

Rubber Thickness (inches) Critical Height (feet)
1.50” 4.0’
2.00” 5.0’
2.50” 7.0’
3.00” 8.0’
4.00” 9.0’

Contact us to request a brochure or to learn more about poured-in-place resilient rubber surfacing systems we recommend and use.


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