Turnkey Installation Services

In addition to our flexible design process and the extensive selection of equipment, we assist our customers in the installation of their playground, including demolition, excavation, construction, surfacing and landscaping.

Our engineering and construction knowledge and expertise is an integral part of the overall design and consultative services provided by our experienced Play Consultants.

Our construction team can tailor a program to add the right support where and when required and ensure that the result is a complete and safe environment for children to play and grow.

In our "turnkey" program (vs. our Community Build Progam) Designed For Fun, Inc. assumes all responsibilities and liabilities for the construction process and provides our customer with a ready-to-use play environment, utilizing many of the following installation services:

  • Site evaluation
  • Site improvements – clearing & grubbing, excavation, grading, drainage, etc.
  • Removal and disposal of existing equipment and resilient surfacing materials
  • Relocation of existing equipment
  • Off-loading truck(s) with new equipment
  • Installation of new equipment and site amenities
  • Installation of containment barriers
  • Subgrade preparation for resilient surfacing materials
  • Installation of new resilient surfacing materials
  • Application of wood sealer
  • Installation of site improvements: walkways, curbing, fencing, etc.

Contact us to learn more about this program and how we can provide the right amount of support when and where it is needed.

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